Friday, 13 July 2018

Powershell script for creating an O365 cloud mailbox within a hybrid exchange environment



I recently wrote this script that creates an O365 mailbox within a hybrid exchange environment, creating all the necessary attributes etc in exchange and AD

Log all output to a local logfile, that is unique each time and won't get overwritten



Start-Transcript -Path $env:LOCALAPPDATA"\Cloudwyse\Logs\"$(get-date -Format ddMMyy_HHmmss)".log" -NoClobber



Clear output from the screen to prevent previous command being sent as first name






Prompt user to enter the details of the new account



$FirstName = Read-Host -Prompt "Carefully type the user`'s First name"

$SecondName = Read-Host -Prompt "Carefully type the user`'s Second name"



Format the AD fields in the right way



$UserName = $FirstName.ToLower() + "." + $SecondName.ToLower()

$DisplayName = (Get-Culture).TextInfo.ToTitleCase($FirstName.ToLower() + " " + $SecondName.ToLower())

$ProperFName = (Get-Culture).TextInfo.ToTitleCase($FirstName.ToLower())

$ProperSName = (Get-Culture).TextInfo.ToTitleCase($SecondName.ToLower())

$UPN = $UserName + ""

write-host -ForegroundColor Green "Your User`'s DisplayName is $($DisplayName)"

write-host -ForegroundColor Green "Your User`'s Username is $($UserName)"



Get credentials for the new user account and the connection to the on-prem exchange server



$UserCreds = Get-Credential -UserName "DO NOT EDIT THIS FIELD" -Message "Please set the password for the new user"

$ExchangeCreds = Get-Credential -UserName "CONTOSO`\" -Message "Please enter your credentials which are required to connect to CONEXCH01"

write-host -ForegroundColor Green "Your User`'s UPN is $($UPN)"



Connect to on-prem exchange and create mailbox



$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Authentication Kerberos -Credential $ExchangeCreds

Import-PSSession $Session

New-RemoteMailbox -Name $DisplayName -FirstName $ProperFName -LastName $ProperSName -Password $UserCreds.Password -UserPrincipalName $UPN -OnPremisesOrganizationalUnit " Users/Swap"



Disconnect from exchange and stop logging



Remove-PSSession $Session

write-host -ForegroundColor Green "The script completed, any errors will appear in the log file"





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